Glass and plastic bottles and jars for cosmetic and pharmaceutical products complete with their accessories. specialises in packaging cosmetic products in a  single-dose format and for third parties. Biological extracts • Vegetable extracts Contract Manufacturers: Monodose and multidose containers • Bottles with tamper evident cap and calibrate dispensing dropper • Bellows bottles with dispenser for powders and creams spacer
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  Field: Raw Materials - Emulsifiers
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COSMACOL ELI (C12-13 Alkyl Lactate) – A Global Standard as total quality improver in wash-off toiletries
The skin-compatibility of the wash-off products has always been and still is one of the main formulator’s concerns.
Cosmacol ELI (INCI Name: C12-C13 Alkyl Lactate) was severely tested as an effective skin barrier versus Sodium Laureth Sulphate and Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate.
Different test types demonstrate the expected efficacy of Cosmacol ELI as a powerful defender of the skin. Yet, unexpectedly Cosmacol ELI has showed a singular behavior in respect with all the important commercial parameters such as: viscosity, foamability, transparency, stability, cloud point.
All these characteristics make it possible to define Cosmacol ELI as a multifunctional emollient, and as the most reliable ingredient to improve the quality of toiletries.
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